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Our 1 Year Journey

8thUniverse, an idea that started with 2 young and NAIVE teenagers, in an art class. From the seed that was planted in that class, a friendship bloomed and so did the idea of a business.

Initial ideas
After many sleepovers, and time spent together Fabian & James embarked on the idea to forge a streetwear brand that held up personal morals, with a strong dedication to the planet, and as of today, these morals can be found throughout the brand. For example in the way we manufacture our clothes, to the materials we source, up until the end of our supply chain, a green thumb has been kept in mind. 
8thUniverse Partners Fabian Pletzer & James Copping
Official Registration
Many heated conversations, and persuasive negotiations with parents 8thUniverse was finally forged, and the signature was signed on the dotted line. A brand new Austrian company led by two clueless boys, who thought the world of business and streetwear would be simple and straightforward, but oh how wrong they were. At this time the blindfold was removed and the real hard work began.

8thUniverse first official order of business was to protect our intellectual property globally. After countless class revisions, and multiple logo changes 8thUniverse officially trademarked all corresponding logo data with zero name disputes in our classes.
planning for season 1
With the company gearing up to go public, tech packs, and our first samples were underway. This was our first trial and experimentation with garment manufacturing everything from creating tech packs, samples and much more. At the end we created a product that we could say we were proud of.
Canceling Season 1
However before we even went public we canceled Season 1 and had to completely build our brand release around the F/W collection instead of summer due to manufacturing times. However we see this as a positive thing since we had a great trial run before the real deal.
Planning for Trauma F/W 2021
With a sense of sadness we prepared and dived into the next collection, taking all of the knowledge and skills we developed and amplifying. This time instead of going for a solo release online, we decided to take our launch a step further, to do something not many other streetwear startups do. We wanted to partner with an established high end Fashion store to release our collection at a huge event. When the samples arrived of the redesigned collection, excitement and eagerness was reinstalled into the company. Now the pressure was on to deliver our dreams with marketing, manufacturing, and event negotiations, the month October was stressful for many at 8thUniverse.
Manufacturing of Trauma F/W 2021
We got well underway producing our garments from European certified organic cotton, and because of COVID-19 we had to blindly put our faith into a manufacturer we never toured, or knew anything about their track record. This stage tested many people's faith, and hope was dwindling as the clock was running out. Since the pieces weren’t due to arrive until after the shooting, we had to have our Manufacturer fly out to Munich to give us some pieces for the models so we could create marketing materials. However our manufacturer pulled through, and we could not be more happier. It goes to show that trust is all you need.
Shoot of Trauma F/W 2021
The shoot for Trauma F/W 2022 was absolutely spectacular, both Fabian & James were overwhelmed with the captivating scenes. Watching the garments come to life was an entrancing experience, especially with the amazing team we worked with, our models Lizzy, and Calvin took it to another level delivering Oscar award winning performances, and stances that were fit for a Greek sculpture. Without our production team the shoot wouldn’t have even been possible, our amazing producer supported us every step of the way, through thick and thin, and created an award winning piece of art that we were fortunate enough to unveil to the world. The energy of the group was unmatched and incomparable, we desperately look forward to bringing our products alive every single collection from now on with this amazing team.
8thUniverse Trauma f/w 2021
event of Trauma F/W 2022
The focus point of the release date was the event we planned in joint collaboration with RareFashion at their flagship store in Munich. All of our family, friends, and some significant individuals present, to witness the launch of our brand. We couldn’t be happier to say that we have had one of the most diversified streetwear launch parties in Munich to date, with people from over 20 countries! Of all age ranges, and race. Target Audience who? 8thUniverse is a brand made, and available to all. At the event a Travis Scott Fragment AJ1 was raffled off, along with multiple other shoes, but more than that happened. A fully stocked bar kept everyone's thirst at bay, a DJ who got everyone and anyone on the dance floor, and an impromptu performance from Lizzy, our model. We can’t wait to hold another event again, it was a truly memorable experience, that at the end of the night was more about the community itself, than 8thUniverse, and to us making sure that the streetwear community enjoyed it and had a great time was our top priority. A huge thanks to all that came and celebrated with us, we are looking forward to seeing you all soon.
8thUniverse Event
8thUniverse has continued to advance in the world of business, and is gearing up for our second and third year. We look forward to sharing plenty more memories with all of you soon!

To celebrate this milestone we are discounting the cost of Trauma as a gift from us to you. We look forward to welcoming you all to the community.

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